Gerson Therapy

I strongly suggest you to start with viewing the following DVD to understand who is Dr Max Gerson and the principles behind his therapy. 

The Gerson Miracle
The Gerson Miracle Documentary
(Watch NOW)This is a must watch documentary about Dr Max Gerson and how he developed this treament and have cured many stage4 cancer patients. Today, many are blessed to be able to access to this therapy via his daughter, Charlotte Gerson's clinic in Tijuana. The beauty of this is that you can do it at home for those who are not able to go to the Gerson Clinic in Mexico. This documentary will explain to you the fundamental principles behinds Gerson Therapy.

The next thing you want to do is the grab the book "Healing the Gerson Way" by Charlotte Gerson, in it will list out the step-by-step protocol for you to do at home.

The following describes the elements of the therapy, every aspect of the therapy has a very specific reason for the overall treatment to be effective. I suggest you read the respective book "Healing the Gerson Way" properly before administering the therapy.
Basically Gerson therapy works on detoxifying and nourishing the body to restore the immune system to fight against cancer.

(1) Nourishing the body:
Juicing (13 juices per day: consist of 4 apple+carrot; 4 green juices; 3 carrot juice) .  
                     Organic only
Food     Breakfast (oat, fresh fruits, dry fruits) 
                     Lunch/Dinner (salad, hippocrate soup, potato)

Restrained Food: All form of salt and sugar, sweetener, processed food, dairy products, milk, all types of oil except flaxseed oil, no tea or coffee (not orally), all animal meat, fish, eggs, avocado,rice, noodle, grains, synthetic vitamins

Permitted Food: all fruits and vegetables, lemon and flaxseed oil for dressing, fresh herbs for seasoning, all organics, minimal honey, minimal molasses.
Gerson does not allow vitamins as all juices supply sufficients mineral and vitamins, however Gerson require the following 'enzyme' and 'minerals' to reflenish the body deficiency.

Pancreatin Enzyme
Liver tablet

Most of these can be obtained online from Gerson's approved suppliers:
(if you are in Malaysia or Singapore, you can obtained most of the above from Newlife International, or Natures Glory in Singapore.

(2) Detoxify the body: Coffee Enema Procedure
 Dr. Max Gerson used this clinically as part of a general detoxification regimen, first for tuberculosis, then cancer. Caffeine, he postulated, will travel up the hemorrhoidal to the portal vein and thence to the liver itself. Gerson noted some remarkable effects of this procedure. For instance, patients could dispense with all pain-killers once on the enemas. Many people have noted the paradoxical calming effect of coffee enemas.

There has been some independent scientific work that gives credence to this concept. In 1981, for instance, Dr. Lee Wattenberg and his colleagues were able to show that substances found in coffee – kahweol and cafestol palmitate - promote the activity of a key enzyme system, glutathione S-transferase, above the norm. This system detoxifies a vast array of electrophiles from the bloodstream and, according to Gar Hildenbrand of the Gerson Institute, "must be regarded as an important mechanism for carcinogen detoxification." This enzyme group is responsible for neutralizing free radicals, the harmful chemicals now commonly implicated in the initiation of cancer. In mice, for example, these systems are enhanced 600% in the liver and 700% in the bowel when coffee beans are added to the mice’s diet.

Trust me, it is not as bazzare as you might thought. Dr Hiroshi Shinya, world renowned gastroenterologist recommended coffee enema in his book "The Enzyme Factor" and has been a regular user himself, that rest assure the safety(if performed properly) and important of a squeaky clean colon and liver.

 Supplies of coffee enema are readily available thru online (Gerson approved supplier).
For Malaysian, you can  Newlife International or Natures Glory in Singapore

 (3) Avoid Toxins to Enter the Body
Things to avoids:
  • Personal care (Cosmetic, deodorant, sun block, lipstick, hair color, hair perm (if they are man made, they are not to be put on you, even thru skin they absorbed into your body)
  • Cookware (aluminium, non-stick pans, plastics container, microwave)
  • Chemicals (house cleaning agents, air refresherner, cleaners)
  • Environmental toxins
  • Drugs
  • Smoking, alcohol (obviously!)
See the testimony for yourself.  
•5-Year Survival Rates of Melanoma Patients Treated by Diet Therapy After the Manner of Gerson